Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Are you stumped to find your sweetie-poo a cool gift for Valentine’s day? Fear not, I put together a list of goodies, treats, and fun times that might be just the thing for your Valentine this year!


First we will start with Kiddos, or the big kiddos. When I was little, every Valentine’s day, my Dad would bring home flowers for my Mom, and candy and toys for me and my sister. If you are seeking a fun little gift for your munchkins than look no further

1. Cool Critters 

These adorable little Stuffies are made by Jess Sheeran of Ypsilanti Mi. Her critters come in all shapes and sizes. I particularly like the ones with the silly faces. Perhaps a perfect little buddy for your little monster?

2. Tait Design Co.

Nowadays most kids toys are apps. BORING!  Get those kids away from the screen and get them doing sweet tricks with these cool toys. Detroit-based designer Matt Tait is the toy maker behind the curtains. His Turbo Flyer and YoYo will bring a smile to anybody’s face. You’re never too old for a Vday plane race!

3. Glass Action.

Glass action, a Detroit favorite since 2005. If you don’t know about glass action. Boy-oh-boy are you lucky you are reading this! Carey Gustafson, is the artist behind glass action. She does everything from jewelry to glass panels to boxes and my personal favorite customized night lights.  Check out her website for all kinds of wonderful things. OH! and if you are planning a wedding or know someone that is she also does custom portraits in stained glass! …I mean come on how flipping awesome is that?!


4. Goldeluxe

If jewelry is a the thing for your Valentine this year you might want to jump over to Goldeluxe’s etsy shop. Libby Hopper, is a jewelry designer from Detroit Mi. Her jewelry has a combination of delicate charm and class which is sure to win over any Valentine!

5. Grammar Designs

Maybe your valentine is a bit on the artsy side? You gotta love these necklaces by local artist Sarah Abend. Each once is made from ceramic parts that are hand cut, fired, glazed, and then each hand brushed. One of these will definitely make a statement!


6. Burton & Levy

What about that special beardy guy in your life? Need not worry my dear. Local craftsman, and artist Jason Burton, has got just the thing! His stylist combs are the perfect gift for any buff bearded boy. No beard? No problem! You can comb your boyfriend’s chest…or get him one of these beardy babe shirts!

7. Sfumato

They say scents can help create memories. Why not make this valentine’s day a memorable one with some Sfumato Fragrances? Mike and Jane are a husband and wife team from Detroit who make all natural fragrances. You can find a list of all their scents and local stockists on their website.



Valentine’s Day wouldn’t quite be Valentine’s day without chocolate and there is not a better place to get them than BON BON BON. Calling Hamtramck home, BON BON BON is run by local chocolatier Alexandre Clark and her team of BABES BABES BABES. With a HUGE variety of BONS, taste, and magic there is no sweeter gift that the gift of BON BON BONS.


9. Detroit Card Co. 

Remember greeting cards those paper things we used to get before memes and text? These cards are sure to stay with your valentine without being lost in the cloud. Genna Cowsert is a local designer and stationary maker. She makes witty and wonderful cards and stationary. The perfect card to send your valentine  Make sure to check out her custom stationary page too!

10.  Center for Crafts & Applied Arts

Maybe your sweetheart is more of an experience type of person? Pop over to the Center for Crafts & Applied Arts, where they offer a wide variety of classes. They have everything from beginning blacksmithing to knitting. And keep on eye on this place my dears because they are coming up with some good events!




Jodi Lynn