Talcon Quinn Episode #24

In episode #24 I talk with Talcon Quinn of Athen Ohio. Talcon is a designer, crafts person, and teacher. She works with ethically sourced materials found in nature that she process herself. In this episode we talk about How Talcon learned her skills through folk school, using ethically sourced materials, letting your ideas change and learning to chill.

To find out more about Talcon head on over to:


Here are some links and resources that Talcon provided that have helped her along her journey.

Talcon’s first teachers in hide tanning:

silversmithing mentor:
Basket and other ancient arts teacher:
And the woman Talcon did a stone age living emersion with:
Wild Abundance offers classes and consultations in off-grid living, organic gardening, natural building, permaculture, primitive skills, and eco-homesteading  in a community setting on a real, functioning and breathtaking homestead.:



Here are some link to the books that we were talking about:

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