Episode #12 Yolanda Nichelle Curry

On today’s episode I talk with Yolanda Curry. Yolanda is a jewelry designer, teacher, writer, mother, and entrepreneur. We talk about her journey into starting her own business while raising little ones, and how sometimes life can have unexpected twists.



Yolanda’s website

Cancer Free Naturally

Build institute 





Books Yolanda is reading:

Spirtual Economics 



Zingerman’s guide to good leading




Skybreak zo! 







Episode #11 Ernie Guerra

On Today’s Episode I talk with my long time pal Ernie Guerra. Ernie is a local DJ aka ERNO and is also the man behind Detroit’s Slow Jams at Woodbridge pub.




If you’d like to find out more about Ernie you can find him at SLOW JAMS in Detroit, and you can also check out his music feed at over at the ERNO soundcloud page.

Find out more about Movement.





If you are not familiar with Johnny Lee Hooker, get yourself familiar!




Episode # 10 Kristen Drozdowski

On today’s episode I chat with Kristen Drozdowski. Kristen is a designer, illustrator, and creative badass behind Worthwild paper. We chat about her experience with starting her own business and managing balance in business and life.



You can find out more about Kristen and Worthwhile Paper by following these links:



Power of the press fest this weekend! 




Check out the book Kristen is Reading:

The Science of Enlightenment. 


This is the book I recommended to Kristen:

Thich Nhat Hanh – The Miracle of Mindfulness.


Episode #9 Levon Kafafian

On Today’s Episode I talk with Levon Kafafian. Levon is an artist, weaver, craftsman, and brains behind Detroit’s Fringe Society. I got to meet up with Levon in his studio and chat with him over coffee and girl scout cookies. We talk about how he got started, and where his weaving has led him. You can find out more about Levon at the following links.


http://www.fringesocietystudio.com/   <— Take a class!!



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