Episode # 33 Tait Design Co.

Buckle up my friends! Episode #33 I talk with Matthew Tait and Audrey Elkus of Tait Design Company. Matt and Audrey discuss growing their business from the back room of an old die cutting plant to having a full working studio ( at post with Mutual Adoration episode #14 ) and selling goods around the world! Let’s take a journey with the creators of the Turbo flyer! ….



Photo Credit : https://www.danlippittphoto.com/


Episode #31 Carey Gustafson of Glass Action!

On today’s episode we talk with Carey Gustafson. Carey is a musician, artist, co-organizer of Detroit Urban Craft Fair and the creator behind Glass action. We get the scoop on how she learned her craft, get the story behind Detroit Urban Craft Fair, and how her passion for glass sparked an unlikely friendship with Louie Anderson.

Links to Carey and Detroit Urban Craft fair:


Detroit Urban Craft Fair



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