Episode #39 – Olivera Bratich- Wild Cat!

In episode 39 we talk with Olivera Bratich. Olivera is well known in the craft community for her craft shop Wholly Craft and Surprise! a modern Party + cocktail supplies store in Columbus Ohio. Recently she combined the two stores to create the ultimate party and gift shop names Wild Cat! Olivera have been involved in the handmade community for over 15 years.


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Episode # 10 Kristen Drozdowski

On today’s episode I chat with Kristen Drozdowski. Kristen is a designer, illustrator, and creative badass behind Worthwild paper. We chat about her experience with starting her own business and managing balance in business and life.



You can find out more about Kristen and Worthwhile Paper by following these links:



Power of the press fest this weekend! 




Check out the book Kristen is Reading:

The Science of Enlightenment. 


This is the book I recommended to Kristen:

Thich Nhat Hanh – The Miracle of Mindfulness.